Thursday, July 8, 2010


The third project for my Art 8 course was on the topic of entropy/spirituality/perception. Naturally i gravitated towards the spiritual. My final project was a six by six foot labyrinth constructed out of fabrics that I hand dyed. The color of the fabrics change from coral to beige to yellow.
The concept behind my project was to try and recreate the experience of walking a labyrinth through a visual exercise. The labyrinth is a meditative space. A labyrinth only has one path, one way to make it to the core of the labyrinth. While walking the labyrinth, the individual is able to release control and thus enter and meditative space. I initially created the labyrinth to be large without being "functional". I wanted the color and fabric changes of the labyrinth's path to serve as a visual method to reach the same meditative space as the viewer would have experienced walking the labyrinth.

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